Free phone consultation

If you have suffered an injury, book a free phone consultation with our expert team of physios, doctors and surgeons. We will help you develop a clear strategy for getting you back to your best.

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Sports Injury Clinic

If you’ve suffered an injury playing sport or on the slopes, we have a range of treatments and specialists in place to get you back on your feet.

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One-Stop Ski Clinic

During the ski season we hold a Ski Injury Clinic every Tuesday morning, where injured skiers can be seen, scanned and given a treatment plan all on the same day.

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At Wimbledon Clinics we do all we can to bring you the very best healthcare by offering every option for treatment, not just surgery. Our team can also treat sports-related problems and injuries in patients of any age, and are experts in treating long-term conditions like arthritis.

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clinics specialise in:

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Crackling knee sounds could help assess injury

The snap, crackle and pop of the knee could one day be used to help orthopaedic specialists assess damage after an injury and track the progress of recovery. Research engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing...

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from The Oracle

Leanne asked:

"Hi, 18 years ago I had the Hauser procedure on my left knee following years of dislocation,..."

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