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If you have suffered an injury, book a free phone consultation with our expert team of physios, doctors and surgeons. We will help you develop a clear strategy for getting you back to your best.

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Sports Injury Clinic

If you’ve suffered an injury playing sport or on the slopes, we have a range of treatments and specialists in place to get you back on your feet.

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Running Injury Pack

Find out how to prevent, identify and treat running
injures, with our specialist information and advice
pack for runners.

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At Wimbledon Clinics we do all we can to bring you the very best healthcare by offering every option for treatment, not just surgery. Our team can also treat sports-related problems and injuries in patients of any age, and are experts in treating long-term conditions like arthritis.

Our orthopaedic
clinics specialise in:

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Genetic clues could help prevent osteoporotic fracture

Genetic profiling can help predict whether a person will break a bone through osteoporosis, according to a new Australian study. The findings are expected to contribute to clinical decision-making in the future, bringing us...

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from The Oracle

Judith Travers asked:

"My husband is suffering from what looks like Policemans heel. He has had it for about 2 weeks...."

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