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Mr James Vickers

PG Dip BSc Hons MCSP

Wimbledon Specialist for: Physiotherapy clinic

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James is a specialist physiotherapist in ACL rehabilitation. He is involved in research around ACL injury prevention which can be applicable to many different sports and ability. At Wimbledon Clinics he helps guide key stages of the ACL pathway. These points are at a return to run, end-stage rehab and a return to sport. He also supports the total knee replacement pathway.

James has worked extensively with British Ski and Snowboard, and in other elite performance programs such as New Zealand Triathlon and Saracens Rugby Football Club. He therefore has a detailed understanding of the injuries and demands of these sports. He is in the final stages of a Sports Physiotherapy MSc and has a background in strength and conditioning. This allows James to tailor rehabilitation programs that are specific to the goals of the patients whether it’s an elite athlete or a social player.

What does James treat?

  • He is especially skilled at helping to bridge the gap between when a patient has recovered from surgery but not quite strong enough to get back to running and sports. They may have already had a lot of physiotherapy.
  • Second opinions or advice for physios treating their own sports patients
  • ACL ( Cruciate ligament ) recovery
  • One stop physio program for busy people
  • Assessing Specialist Phyisotherapist for the Return from Injury Ski Day


James’s skills are largely centred around.

  • Assessing strength and recovery especially after surgery
  • He is especially good at writing advanced rehab program for people wanting to return to sports at a high level
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Prevention of re-injury for sportsmen and women who have reconstruction surgery
  • Higher level recovery for young people who have had knee replacement
  • Non operative treatment plans to try and avoid surgery
  • Troubleshooting when physio programs don’t seem to be working
  • Chronic ( longstanding or recurrent) hamstring, calf and groin injuries.

“James helped massively in my preparations for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, as he was an integral member of the team. He organized and implemented rehab and fitness sessions alike. This optimized my recovery from injury and improved my performance on the race hill.” Chemmy Alcott

Chemmy Alcott is Britain’s number one female alpine skier. Having skied since she was a toddler, Chemmy went on to first compete seriously at the age of 8 before embarking on a career that would see her work her way up to be ranked 8th in the world. Chemmy is a four time Olympian, having competed in Salt Lake City, Turin, Vancouver and, most recently, in Sochi.