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What are the common symptoms of a foot or ankle fracture

The foot and ankle contain twenty-eight bones. Together, the two feet contain a quarter of the bones in the entire human body. Any of these bones can be broken as a result of an impact or severe twisting injury of the ankle.

With the accident you may hear or feel a cracking sound and your foot will swell up immediately after you injure it. There will most likely be swelling and bruising.

With a clear fracture, a bone may stick out at an angle and you will be able to see that it is broken. In very severe cases, it could even pierce through the skin and stick out of your ankle or foot.

Even in the case of a small fracture, the pain can be intense. Mild pressure on the area will be extremely painful.

In some cases it is difficult to assess whether your ankle is fractured or severely sprained. If you have rested for a few days, applying ice on your ankle and maintaining elevation, and you do not see any improvement in the swelling and pain, your ankle may be broken. An Xray is the next step.

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