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What are the symptons of The Common Lesser Toe Problem

Lesser toe problems occur when their shape changes, with “clawing”. This may cause your toes to rub together or against the inside of your shoe, producing pain. Change in shape can also lead to hard skin, known as callus, as well as corns on your feet. You will tend to get corns or calluses at the point where your toes touch the floor or rub on your shoes or against other toes. You might also experience pressure problems underneath the ball of your foot, which is known as metatarsalgia. Below are common lesser problems and their symptoms.

Hammer or Claw Toes

Hammer toes or claw toe deformities cause the toes to be constantly bent, crooked, contracted or deviated from their normal axis. There may be stiffness, as well as redness and swelling in the affected toes. Due to the deformed shape, the toes can feel particularly uncomfortable in shoes.

Morton’s Neuroma

The symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma involve the foot becoming numb or painful. Pain is typically worse when wearing shoes. Some patients also report a feeling of having their foot ‘falling asleep’, and this usually affects the middle toe and one or other of the neighboring toes.

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