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What are the common symptoms of a sprained ankle

A sprained ankle is a common injury, particularly among people playing sports such as tennis or football. However, it can happen to anyone, for example while wearing heels or simply stepping on an uneven surface.

Some patients report hearing a “popping” sound coming from their ankle at the time of injury.

The symptoms will appear immediately after you have twisted your ankle. Your ankle will become suddenly painful and may also become inflamed, bruised and swollen.

The pain from a sprained ankle comes from the ligaments. From the patient’s perspective, the pain can be similar to the one felt from a broken bone.

It is therefore important to see a doctor and establish whether the source of the pain is a ligament or a bone injury before starting the treatment. X-rays may be recommended to rule out any bone fracture.

If an ankle sprain is severe enough, or if it is not treated properly, your ankle could become chronically unstable. Ankle instability, on top of being uncomfortable, puts you at a higher risk of getting additional ankle sprains. You can find more information about ankle instability by clicking here [hyperlink to ankle instability page].

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