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Ms Serena Stubbs

B.Pros & Orth, MBAPO

Specialist Consultant Orthotist

Wimbledon Specialist for: Bracing & Orthotics

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Introducing Ms Serena Stubbs

Ms Serena Stubbs is a Specialist Consultant Orthotist who provides a leading Bracing and Biomechanics service at Wimbledon Clinics, supported by the latest technology and product design.

Serena Stubbs treats a wide range of conditions for both paediatric (aged 7 upwards) and adult patients. With a special interest in the lower limb – including knee, foot and ankle – conditions, she works to provide biomechanical solutions to optimise function for both elite and recreational athletes.


Why choose Serena Stubbs?

Serena Stubbs has extensive experience in the industry, having previously worked within the NHS and private sector for nearly 20 years, gaining her degree in 1998 from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Combining detailed knowledge and experience within the sports sector, Serena has a strong referral base across the UK and internationally.

Clinical orthotic services provided by Serena Stubbs include: biomechanical assessments; sports knee bracing for ligament or cartilage injuries; and osteoarthritis unloader knee bracing to help patients remain active for longer with reduced pain and improved function. She is also skilled in general orthotics (selected upper limb and spinal bracing).

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“I’ve had problems with both of my knees for years. They’d often give way and I was so unstable, I felt nervous in big crowds – especially when travelling around London during rush hour.

After multiple operations I decided to book an appointment with Serena Stubbs, Specialist Consultant Orthotist at Wimbledon Clinics. Serena suggested that I get a low-profile brace, essentially to stop my leg from collapsing.

To be treated by Serena was an absolute pleasure from start to Howard Abernethy picture.jpg
finish. Professional and personable, she explained each step in detail to make sure I was comfortable with the process.

I wasn’t aware that you could personalise the brace, but Serena showed me some options and explained that I could create my own design. So I went for something I knew no one else would have – flames and glitter!

It’s fair to say that my new brace is a talking point – everyone loves it! And it really has changed my life for the better.

Before, I avoided big crowds out of fear of falling over, but my confidence was sky-high at a recent England cricket match. Strangers would comment on my brace and by the end of the day, I’d earned the nickname ‘Robocop’!

Now I know that if my knee collapses, the brace is there to support me. I know my leg won’t go far out of kilter and I won’t fall over if someone were to give me a gentle knock.

Serena’s work has given me the confidence to start leading a normal life again – and for that, I’m eternally grateful.”

 -Howard Abernethy,

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