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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay at the time of the appointment?

If you’re self-funding your treatment you’ll be required to settle your account at the time of your appointment.

If I’m insured, who’ll forward my invoices to my insurance company?

We will forward all the invoices to your insurance company. Please be aware that although we do this for you, you are liable for any charges not covered by your insurers. Please ensure you keep us up to date with any relevant changes.

Who contacts my insurance company to advise them of each stage of my treatment?

It’s your responsibility to contact your insurance company and keep them informed. However they will contact us with any queries relating to your treatment if necessary.

What happens if I have an excess on my policy?

We will usually send the invoice directly to the insurance company. You and the clinic will be advised if there has been an excess deducted. Once notified, you’ll be required to settle the outstanding balance directly with us. Please call 020 8944 0665 (ext 2) to pay any invoices.

How long do I wait between diagnosis and surgery?

Usually between 1-3 weeks although this depends on various factors, including the patients’ preference. If urgent, surgery can take place quicker.

Can I have a scan before I see the consultant?

You’ll be asked to see the consultant prior to any diagnostic tests to ensure the care you receive is appropriate. We will try, where possible, to scan you on the same day.

What do I wear for the clinic appointment?

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your consultation so it’s best to wear loose fitting clothing for ease during examination. Please bring shorts with you for lower limb problems.

How long will the appointment take?

An initial consultation will take around 30 minutes. However, some appointments can last an hour. This will be confirmed to you at the time you make the appointment.

The Physiotherapist appointment will take an hour for the first assessment.

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