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The Hip & Groin Injury Clinic


Hip problems can affect patients of all ages and lifestyles and can be incredibly painful and restrictive. Wimbledon Clinics offers a comprehensive service for their diagnosis and treatment.

Groin pain is generally a chronic condition that can be tricky to resolve. At Wimbledon Clinics, our expert multi-disciplinary approach assures you of prompt diagnosis and a clear and progressive treatment plan. Groin pain falls into three main areas:

  • Adbductor related groin pain
  • Abdominal related groin pain split into pubic bone stress response (osteitis pubis) and true surgical sportsman’s groin
  • Hip related groin pain

Our sports medicine doctor will clinically assess your condition together with a consultant physiotherapist. They can refer you to a hip surgeon if you require surgery. As part of our multi-disciplinary approach, in-house referral to specialist rehabilitation, medical treatment and injection therapy is also available. Together they tailor and monitor your treatment to speed your recovery.

If you are suffering from pain in your hip or groin you can get in contact our team via phone or the web-form on this page. We will then be able to arrange a convenient meeting time with one of the Wimbledon Clinics expert sports physicians who can assess your injury further. If required, your physician can then develop a treatment plan that will get you active and pain-free in the shortest possible time.


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