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Get back to your best with a free phone consultation by the sports injury experts

Organise your free phone consultation with Wimbledon Clinics and get specialist advice from our team of doctors and surgeons. We will help you develop a clear strategy for dealing with your sports injury and get back to
your best as soon as possible.

  • rGet free expert advice - Speak to a qualified expert and establish a clear strategy for dealing with your injury

  • Avoid making your condition worse - An untreated sports injury
    could deteriorate over time or develop into a chronic condition.
    Learn what you can do to prevent your problem from getting worse

  • Get advice on next steps - Our experts will identify the best next
    steps for dealing with your issue, including making a referral where necessary

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Free Consult Testimonials 

"I found the phone conversation extremely helpful. Usually it takes a long time to have a conversation with a Consultant. I was really surprised at how quick and efficient this service was. I would definitely recommend it to others seeking advice on troublesome injuries. When I was talking to Mr Bell, he was generous with his time and very professional."
- Alan Giles

“In regards to the free E Consult I has with Claire Robertson about my knee, I found it very helpful and also very convenient. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was able to have a quick conversation with a consultant there to discuss my situation I wouldn’t of booked an appointment. Claire was very helpful and also seemed very kind. It didn’t feel as if she thought it was just her day job, it was as if she cared about my injury and really wanted to pursue my case and help me. I would recommend you carry on with this method as it is the only reason I booked an appointment.”
- Mr Danael Weston

“The telephone call was extremely useful. The reason that I had sought a telephone consultation was that I was being treated under a NHS hospital but had received little information from the professionals I saw there and based on my reading around the standard practice for treatment for my injury, felt that my appointments were being delayed to the detriment of my recovery so was looking for advise on whether my suspicions were correct.
The call I had with Mr Solan confirmed that the delays to my appointments could potentially have impacted my recovery. I felt that the advise he gave was professional and objective – at no point did I feel pressurised into switching from the NHS to private treatment. In fact, the initial suggested course of action that I was given assumed that I was going to continue under the NHS. By the end of the phone call I felt I had a much better understanding of what had gone wrong with my NHS treatment and having made the decision to switch to private, I felt that Mr Solan had a good understanding of the reasons why I was anxious about my injury (I teach fitness classes so need my food to recover fully) and therefore would be able to treat it accordingly. All my questions were answered."
- Ms Sophie Fok Seang

Meet The Team

Our team of experts includes leading surgeons and doctors

Mr Jonathan Bell

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and knee injury specialist

Dr Mark Wotherspoon

Consultant in sport and exercise medicine

Mr Jason Bernard

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and back & neck specialist

Mr Adrian Fairbank

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and knee injury specialist

Ms Claire Robertson

Consultant Physiotherapist

Mr Matt Solan

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and foot & ankle specialist