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Receiving Treatment

It’s easy to receive treatment

If you’d like to be treated at Wimbledon Clinics, your insurer may expect you to see your GP or another specialist who can refer you. Even if you’re funding the treatment yourself, please do contact your GP as it will make the whole process as smooth as possible. Some insurers will allow a physiotherapist to make the referral, but do check.

Once you’ve been referred, please call us to make an appointment on 020 8944 0665. Please have any medical insurance details to hand when you call.

If you’re funding the treatment yourself, we will let you know the cost at each step of the treatment, and you’ll be asked to pay it in full on the day of the treatment.

If you’re claiming on medical insurance, make sure you keep your insurer up to date every step of the way, and check your policy to see what’s included.

After surgery you may need further treatment, such as physiotherapy. Your consultant will explain everything to you.

If you have any questions about treatment or fees, please email us at

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