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Return to Running Programme


Get back into running  with our Return to Running Programme!

Are you thinking of returning to running after a period of time off, but concerned about the impact on an old injury? Or perhaps you finally want to get into it, after years of toying with the idea?

With our specialised Return to Running Programme, you can!

Wimbledon Clinics’ experts have carefully crafted a programme that is designed to safely and effectively develop and restore your running skills and endurance, whilst also helping to prevent future injury. Our Return to Running Programme will reduce your potential for injury by identifying key risk factors specific to your sports activity.

The programme is an evidence-based screening, training and monitoring system. Using sports specific screening we will build a personal injury risk profile and advise on how best to train to reduce risk and build on your strengths, flexibility, core stability and biomechanics

How much does it cost?

Our Return to Running Programme  is £180 per person and includes:

  • Up to 100 minute assessment with Consultant Physiotherapist Nick Wirth. This will include a sports specific screening  and video analysis.
  • Nick will fully explain his findings and provide a personalised report for potential risk factors specific to your sports activity. He will also provide a personalised exercise programme that you can work through on your own or with your physio or personal trainer
  • Immediate access to the patient portal for your report and personalised programme with supporting videos. There is an explanation of the reasoning behind each exercise which can be performed independently and is designed to be done at home using minimal equipment

If you’re looking to put those running trainers on again, our Return to Running Programme is made for you. For the enjoyment, confidence and injury prevention that comes as a result of this specialised programme, it’s well worth the investment.

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