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Ski Injury Clinic

At Wimbledon Clinics our team of ski specialists has unmatched experience treating both amateur and top pro-skiers. In other words, if you’ve been injured whilst skiing, we offer you a service that’s uniquely equipped to smooth your route back to the slopes.

Your route to rapid recovery

Most of the time, the first person to treat you is going to be a resort Doctor. They see skiing injuries all the time and will be able to assess your problem, giving advice on everything from painkillers and supports, to return travel. They’ll probably do an x-ray, which you should bring home along with any paperwork. Once you’re back, don’t hesitate: seek the best advice.

Wimbledon Clinics has the specialist skills, knowledge and approach you need to get better. Our Tuesday morning Ski Injury Clinic, that runs through the winter months from January to April, is perfectly equipped to treat skiers of every standard, from first timers to professional skiers. We’re dedicated to delivering top-flight care fast, and it will be available right here at the clinic from the moment you arrive.

We also bring to you our unique Return from Injury Ski Day, held annually since 2001,  will restore your confidence on the slopes. Prior to attending the Return from Injury Ski Day we will check you have recovered from your injury adequately enough to consider returning to skiing.  You will then be given a strength program specific to skiing, in preparation for the 'Day' at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead with the Warren Smith Academy, Jonathan Bell and Kate Robertson.

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