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Sports Injury Clinic


One of London’s leading Sports Medicine Centres

Sports Medicine is a multi-disciplinary branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports or exercise related injuries. Our team of vastly experienced sports medicine doctors treat both professional and recreational athletes with conditions ranging from serious injury through to fatigue and underperformance.

As most sports and exercise related injuries do not require surgery, our sports injury physicians should be the first point of contact for any condition. They’ll use their specialist clinical skills to diagnose the problem and refer on for further investigations or treatment as required.

Specialist Expertise in Running and Ski Injuries

The Sports Injury Clinic treats injuries related to any sport or exercise. For the committed skier or runner we also offer dedicated specialist support. Our team of specialists deals with many of the common ski injuries such as knee or shoulder injuries and running injuries such as IT band (ITB) injuries, foot and heel pain or Achilles injuries.

If you have a specific injury that you would like to know more about,visit our page for Common Sports Injuries. Here you will find a list of common injuries related to running, skiing, golf, netball, football, rugby, rowing or cycling.

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