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Sports Psychology

Psychological factors can play a vital role when you’re recovering from an injury. In fact many athletes now use sport psychologists to help them recover and return to sport as quickly as possible. But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from working with a sports psychologist.

Our Sports Psychology treatment

Our resident Sport Psychologist, Dr Dearbhla McCullough, has a huge amount of experience working with all sorts of people recovering from injury and surgery. She has helped everyone from elite athletes to ordinary patients. Dr McCullough’s passion for sports psychology stems from her time as a junior athlete, and lives on in the work and research she carries out in the field. She also works as a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at Roehampton University, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Injuries affect the mind as well as the body. Dr McCullough uses interventions specifically designed to minimise the negative effects of injury to help you recover quickly and fully. She will work with you during rehabilitation to promote your psychological and physical wellbeing. You’ll be able to take control of how your return to fitness, and feel ready to get back into sport or physical activities as soon as possible.

What does it involve?

During an initial session, Dr MCullough will talk to you about your injury and about what level of fitness you’re looking for. She’ll then help you develop a personal programme to speed your recovery and rehabilitation. She will also monitor your progress and may modify the programme as you go. Your recovery programme could help with all of this:

  • Enhancing your confidence
  • Lessening any fears of another injury
  • Managing pain
  • Sticking to rehabilitation exercises
  • Managing your recover effectively
  • Promoting your successful return to exercise.

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