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I was referred to Mr Fairbank in July 2013 following a serious knee injury which happened whilst I was on rugby tour in Cape Town.
I had ruptured my patella tendon and ACL, amongst other damage to my knee. I was 16 at the time and was not aware of the severity of the injuries.
Mr. Fairbank was informative, kind and I had complete confidence in his ability to repair my knee. It required three operations and numerous visits to Parkside to repair my knee.
I looked forward to these visits and to seeing Mr. Fairbank for whom I have great respect.
Although I will never be able to play contact sport again, there is always something good that comes from something bad and I have recently graduated with a 1st class degree in Sports Conditioning Rehabilitation and Massage.
I shall always be grateful to Mr. Fairbank and his secretary who supported me so much during this time.



Victoria Barton

Having had knee pain for a year, and not being good in hospitals, it was very reassuring to be looked after by Mr Adrian Fairbank, Consultant Knee Surgeon, and the wonderful team at Wimbledon Clinics - from the appointments with Mr Fairbank, to his team who made booking the scan and operation so simple (they even rang the day before to answer last minute queries), and to the hospital team itself, I was totally relaxed throughout. The outcome was, of course, excellent and I am enjoying walking and gardening again. I cannot recommend Mr Fairbank and Wimbledon Clinics enough.

David Knapp

Jonathan Bell, I wish to thank you very much for your care and attention to my right knee from last October to December. The treatment you gave me has been a 100% success, as I have been back playing hockey for 3 weeks without any side effects whatsoever. I can confidently say that the knee is as good as it has been for many years and I have not seen any reduction in the knee’s performance at all. Thank you once again.


"Your advice was invaluable, totally appropriate and hugely appreciated. I got onto the case, had my NHS MRI scan yesterday (!) and will deal with any negative outcomes (hopefully none). Philosophically = that's life but at least I have now done the right thing, thanks to you, Mr Jonathan Bell"


 Elisa Watson

A year ago I fell over on an uneven pavement, consequently I fractured my right knee patella, I was then taken by ambulance to A&E and operated on the next day.

Ten months later, I attended a review appointment at the Hospital when I asked whether I could have the metal wiring removed. The specialist I saw was very reluctant. He asked me to think about it and have it reviewed in six months time.

I gave it some thought for a couple of days, and then decided to have an appointment with an Orthopaedic Sports Consultant, Mr Jonathan Bell at the Wimbledon Clinic. I was examined, assessed, and we discussed the options, and whether an operation was possible. I then decided to go ahead with it.

The operation was booked within a few days. On arrival at the Clinic I was taken to my room. I was attended by nurses, medical staff, all very kind and caring, I felt very reassured and relaxed, that I forgot I was in a Hospital preparing to undergo an operation.

All members of staff at Parkside Hospital & Wimbledon Clinic were wonderful, professional and caring which I found very comforting.

The operation has been a great success. Three months after, I returned to cycling and power walking, which I consider vital to my health and well-being, especially considering I'm eighty one years of age. . .


I just wanted to let you know that I returned from Florida last week where I was playing for GB in women's 45s age group at the World Tennis vets Champs.

I wanted to thank-you because I successfully made it through the week and as a team we won bronze which was a huge achievement! I practiced and played matches 8 days in a row, won 4 out of my 5 matches which included 3 doubles and 2 singles. I stuck to all the things you have shown me and really enjoyed playing!

So many, many, many thanks for all your help and advice. You showed me how to manage my practice more effectively, be more aware of my knees and how to take the pressure off my knees by using the muscles around them more effectively ...... and it worked!


The operations that Mr Bell did on both knees changed my life. My first major knee operation was when I was 14, another 8 operations and 40 years later, and living in fear and pain all that time, I didn't really think there was much hope; but after falling down a flight of stairs and nearly killing myself, I decided I had to have one more try.  My doctor sent me to Wimbledon Clinics to see Mr Bell and he initially operated on my left knee. It was nothing short of a miracle - no more dislocating kneecap. A  year later he operated on my right knee with equally fantastic results.  After living the life of a semi-invalid with a disabled badge for most of my adult life I can now do almost anything I want - this includes water skiing and belly dancing!!


The care I received at Wimbledon Clinics was excellent. Mr Fairbank was attentive and kind and because I only ever saw him I never had to repeat my symptoms again and again. I was always seen on time and when I needed X-rays and an MRI I could have been seen that day if MY time permitted. His secretary, Pauline, is fantastic, she keeps you in the loop and even visits you when you are in just in case you need anything!.

The clinic staff, ward staff, OTs and physios are great and it really helps that you meet them pre op as well so that you know what to expect. Everyone is knowledgeable, you feel very safe and the room is lovely and very clean – the food too is super, I have an allergy to a certain food and everyone seemed to be aware of it

Mr Fairbank is a wonderful surgeon, Dr Newman is a caring and kind anaesthetist. I had a total knee replacement and was back at work in 12 weeks I'm now 5 months post op and forget sometimes I’ve had it done, thank you Mr Fairbank and team.

 N.S. (Professional tennis player)

I was referred to Jonathan Bell with an unusual knee condition. I had a split in my patella tendon in which my fat pad was getting caught due to its inflammation. As a tennis player, I was in great discomfort and I was unable to train or compete sufficiently.

Mr Bell carried out an innovative form of surgery on my knee, which proved wholly successful. After just 6 months I was back on court and back to full fitness again. In addition to his technical expertise, on a personal level I have found Mr Bell to be most caring and informative. He always had time to explain things fully to me, discuss any concerns that I had and to reassure me about the surgical procedure, which naturally I was worried about!

I cannot recommend Jonathan Bell more highly.


I have nothing but praise for Mr. Bishop. From the first appointment when I was in considerable pain until the last appointment when I was totally pain free, Mr Bishop always explained very clearly what was wrong and what he was going to do to correct it and he always answered any questions and put my mind at rest.



I have had consultations, surgery and a steroid injection utilising ultrasound with Wimbledon Clinics (all due to a sport-incurred knee injury). My consultant and all the staff have been very friendly and supportive throughout and I am now rehabbing my way back to fitness.

I’d certainly recommend Wimbledon Clinics as both a caring and thoroughly professional environment for anybody with similar injury problems.


For many years I led an active, outdoor life despite losing all my knee cartilage after a university rugby injury. 45 years later the osteo-arthritis caught up with me and many friends suggested seeking help from Adrian Fairbank and his team. Exactly three months after getting my new knee I embarked on a six week tour of the American mid-West during which I drove over 5,000 miles; completed several hikes of more than five miles and descended 2,000 feet into the Grand Canyon by mule. The expert surgery, disciplined physiotherapy and self-help hydrotherapy at Wimbledon Clinics made this possible.


I had ruptured my ACL whilst playing in a netball match.  I was told by another consultant that I should not have an operation and therefore would not be able to play netball again. This was due to my age - wrong side of 40 - and I wasn’t playing professional netball. 

I therefore came to see Mr Jonathan Bell for a second opinion. He reassured me that he would have me playing netball again within 12 months.  He was absolutely correct, well I was actually playing within 6 months – albeit only for 5 minutes.  The operation was a great success. I would certainly recommend Mr  Jonathan Bell and Wimbledon Clinics as I would not be playing netball without him.


 Howard Abernethy

I’ve had problems with both of my knees for years. They’d often give way and I was so unstable, I felt nervous in big crowds – especially when travelling around London during rush hour.

After multiple operations I decided to book an appointment with Serena Stubbs, Specialist Consultant Orthotist at Wimbledon Clinics. Serena suggested that I get a low-profile brace, essentially to stop my leg from collapsing. To be treated by Serena was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Professional and personable, she explained each step in detail to make sure I was comfortable with the process.

I wasn’t aware that you could personalise the brace, but Serena showed me some options and explained that I could create my own design. So I went for something I knew no one else would have – flames and glitter!It’s fair to say that my new brace is a talking point – everyone loves it! And it really has changed my life for the better.

Before, I avoided big crowds out of fear of falling over, but my confidence was sky-high at a recent England cricket match. Strangers would comment on my brace and by the end of the day, I’d earned the nickname ‘Robocop’! Now I know that if my knee collapses, the brace is there to support me. I know my leg won’t go far out of kilter and I won’t fall over if someone were to give me a gentle knock.

Serena’s work has given me the confidence to start leading a normal life again – and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Alfred Galustian

Alfred is a football technical coaches instructor and has worked at Top Clubs Bayern Munich (Germany), Real Madrid (Spain), Olympique Marseille (France), AC Milan (Italy), Newcastle United and Arsenal (England). During the 2010/11 Season he was the Specialist Skills Coaches Advisor to the Premier League.

"During my playing days I had a career ending injury with a ruptured cruciate ligament. After 8 operations, I was forced to give up playing. By the time I was in my 40’s it was a struggle to walk up the stairs without holding on, and because of my active career, I had to live with pain.

In 2008 I consulted Mr Adrian Fairbank. He replaced my left knee, which he said was one of the worst he had seen. In December 2011 he replaced my right knee. I am now fully active (As a Technical Coach I have to demonstrate Football Skills,turn,run,kick) without pain, and credit Mr Fairbank with adding at least 10 years to my career, as well as improving my quality of life. I and other medical friends, who have been amazed by both my recoveries, are convinced that he must be one of the World’s leading Orthopaedic Surgeons specialising in Knee problems.

Patient Experience

Mr Fairbank advised me that the rehab was almost as important as the surgery. On his advice here is what I did following both operations. I would recommend any patient to follow this intensity if they possibly can; you will feel a new person. It’s not easy, and can be painful, but if it worked for me it can work for anyone.

  • Two Days After the operation: Gentle Pool Hydro Therapy
  • Hydro Therapy continued for 8 weeks; 3/4 times per week. Of Increasing Difficulty (Ignore the pain or use pain killers)
  • Icing with “Game Ready” unit after every physio session
  • Leg exercises each day to strengthen the muscles
  • After 6 weeks walking at least 15 minutes a day
  • After 10 weeks every other day: Stationery Bike 10 minutes Walking 15 Minutes
  • After 12 weeks 30 minutes x 4 times per week of non jogging exercise (mix of Bike/Walking/Cross Trainer
  • After this continue and add 5 to 10 minutes to training until you do 4 x 45 minutes per week.


From the first moment that I needed to contact Wimbledon Clinics regarding knee surgery I was given first class treatment. The surgeon/consultant (Jonathan Bell) took the time to fully explain the preferred procedure for my condition and enabled me to ask the questions that I was concerned about. Prior to the operation I was made to feel comfortable, the nursing staff were very attentive, I again met Mr Bell and the anaesthetist who both kept me aware of what was going to happen and answered any last doubts. I did not feel any pain from the moment that I was anaesthetised in the hospital and apart from a little discomfort adjusting to the new knee, I have felt very little pain since. The treatment that I received from all of the staff was excellent and this includes the office staff, meal staff and porters.

I needed a full knee replacement on my right leg. I am extremely happy with the result. I am fifty-seven years of age and now no longer have to suffer pain in my knee. It has enabled me to lead an active, pain free life.

The physiotherapy and hydrotherapy I participated in at Parkside Hospital certainly aided my initial recovery and I felt a lot of benefit physically and mentally. I would certainly recommend Wimbledon Clinics to others and in the case of my particular operation I would not hesitate to advise others to be confident with the procedure.

After leaving Parkside I have had two follow up consultations with Mr Bell and I now no longer need to attend except for check ups in the coming years. The scar is hardly noticeable and unless I mention it nobody would know that I’ve had a knee replacement.

I have every confidence that my new knee will last many years (possibly for my lifetime) and I am very grateful to all staff at Wimbledon Clinics.

Jeremy Purnell

Mr Jonathan Bell, when I came to see you I often had a lot of knee pain when walking, and had stopped trying to do any running.
Almost immediately after the injections I could feel an improvement, and I believe overall it is still getting better. I still have the odd pain now and again but it doesn’t last.
I have managed to start the running part of my triathlon training again, but am limiting the amount I do, certainly compared to what I used to do, but things are going OK, and I recently ran my fastest parkrun for 2 years.
I also have now qualified to race for Great Britain at the International Triathlon Union multisport world championships in Denmark this summer – my event is the newest of the bunch, aquabike comprising a 3km swim and 120 km ride and no running!




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